Adobe Illustrator

Biotechnology marketing


PerkinElmer, Inc.

“Our applications scientists commented that these mouse maps are fantastic!  I just wanted to let you know these images are exactly what we were looking for.

– from Renee Zeppetello
Marketing Communications Manager

Purpose of illustration

This series of mouse anatomy maps were created for a biotechnology company. These illustrations were designed to be utilized electronically for marketing a new biotechnology research platform. Firstly, the maps needed to be fairly detailed. Secondly, they needed to be accurate. Finally, the individual body systems needed to be able to be highlighted. Sales representatives can select different parts of the research platform based on the body system that is selected.

Artists Comments

These anatomy maps were a challenge to create. Being viewed from a rotated and not full lateral view gave the illustration nice depth, but made it a little harder to render accurately. Trying to keep the layers organized within the file was one of the most difficult aspects.

Finding suitable references was the most notable challenge. For an animal that is so widely utilized in research, the amount of detailed, accurate and clearly understood reference materials is very low. I started with a skeletal reference from to get a baseline for skeletal proportions and size, then had to play around with it some to get the desired 3/4 view. Similarly, this project started out like another skeletal reference project I completed several years ago. Adding in the body systems made it a much more complex illustration.