Medical illustration of the crosssection of a kidney from gross structure to microanatomy.

About Inky Mouse Studios

Who we are…

Founded in 2001, Inky Mouse Studios is unique studio that doesn’t specialize in just one type of subject matter, we generate quality educational artwork for the veterinary, medical and scientific fields. Our speciality is our flexibility to work with clients from many different professions, since the need for quality illustrations that are educational, accurate and interesting is paramount, whether you are a veterinarian, a doctor, a researcher or an educator.

What we do…

We work in either digital or traditional media, to generate quality educational illustrations for a wide range of audiences and purposes. Our talented, creative team is professional and takes great pride in giving each individual client the personal time and attention that they deserve. Our continually growing collection of stock illustrations is available for licensing, and if you need something specific, we are always up the challenge of creating custom illustrations.

The Artist Behind the Mouse

Wendy Chadbourne

Wendy Chadbourne


Wendy Chadbourne, MFA, CMI is the founder and president of Inky Mouse Studios, and the creator of all of the images within this site. She is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator with a passion for veterinary science.

Why The Funny Name?

Inky Mouse Studios got it’s name from a creative play on words – since traditional artists work in ink, and digital artists work with a mouse and Wendy works both traditionally and digitally (although the mouse has long been delegated to a spare parts drawer and replaced by a track pad and a Wacom tablet). Technology has progressed, but the Mouse part of the name remains, as it has a much better ring to it than Inky Track Pad or Inky Wacom Tablet, and people always remember it.

In and Out of the Studio

For those of you who would like to know what goes on behind the scenes here at Inky Mouse Studios, check out the Fresh Prints Art Blog. There you will find all sorts of interesting tidbits of information from reference photos, radiographs, illustration techniques and pretty much anything else that is interesting enough to share with our visitors.

Publication list

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Client testimonials

We enjoy getting feedback from our clients after a project has been completed. This is just a sampling of our client testimonials, to read more and see just how varied and happy our clients are, please visit our testimonial page.

Making tracks globally…

Just for fun we are working on placing a pawprint everywhere on the globe that we have a client.
Why not contact us today and see if we can add your city to the map?