Medical illustration of the crosssection of a kidney from gross structure to microanatomy.

Illustration Services Provided by Inky Mouse Studios

Professional and Personal Service

We offer our clients the opportunity to work directly with their illustrator, this personalized service ensures your artwork is tailored specifically for you and your project. We take great care and pride in conducting detailed research so that we can render anatomically accurate illustrations. In a world filled with clip art, clones, and copy cats it can be hard to find quality, affordable illustrations to fit your needs, let alone a company which will take the time it takes to meet your needs. At Inky Mouse Studios, personalized, one-on-one service is our standard, no two clients are alike, and we treat each and every one with the attention to detail and focus they deserve. We are responsive, courteous and professional, whether we are creating one image or one hundred images for a client.

Digital Media Illustrations

We can create a wide range of 2D digital illustrations for online and print use. We use Adobe Illustrator for vector illustrations and Adobe Photoshop for raster illustrations. We can help you decide which format is best for your project, contact us today to see what we recommend.

Traditional Media Illustrations

Having an extensive foundation in the studio arts, we can create medical, veterinary of scientific illustrations in various traditional media such as pen and ink or carbon dust. There is something softer and more organic about hand drawn artwork, and we feel that even in this digital age, there is a place for these time honored skills.

Eukaryotic cell anatomy and protein synthesis


Images that appear in peer reviewed publications need to have extra emphasis on accuracy, they also need to support the article they are included with. We excel in translating what are often complicated articles and produce images which are visually easy to follow and understand.

Lateral view of equine superficial musculature anatomy


The images for mainstream publications need to do many things very well at the same time – look visually interesting, be anatomically accurate, and be easily understood by the general public. They need to have just enough detail, yet not so much that the audience is overwhelmed.

Double pigtailed stent placement in gallbladder


Surgical illustrations are challenging in that you need to illustrate the anatomy, the instruments, and clearly narrate the procedure without words. This is a challenge that we thoroughly enjoy taking on.

Equine Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Solar Insertion


Clear, easy to understand images are what is most important for powerpoint presentations. Your audience only has a few minutes to digest what is on the screen. We can make your visuals easy to understand and supportive of your overall presentation.

Normal anatomy prior to vertebral disc herniation

Patient education

Patient education illustrations for use in a clinical setting need to be clear, simple, and straightforward without being overwhelming to the patient. They should be complementary to the information provided by the physician and be easy to refer to if the patient has questions.