About Wendy Chadbourne, BS, MFA, CMI

Photo of Wendy Chadbourne in the Salon at the 2012 AMI Conference in Toronto

How a medical illustrator developed

Wendy earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bridgewater State College in 1996, where she also earned a second major in Studio Arts. In 1999, she earned her Master of Fine Arts in Medical Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology. Inky Mouse Studios was founded in 2001, as she started her fledgeling career as a freelance medical illustrator. In 2009 she decided to pursue her next big goal – board certification through the Association of Medical Illustrators. This came to fruition in 2012, when she became a board-certified medical illustrator. She continues to work as a freelance illustrator at Inky Mouse Studios.

Never… stop… learning…

I have an insatiable appetite for learning and creating. As far back as I can remember, I have had a natural interest in biology and art, and have been a lifelong student of both. In high school, I took every AP biology course I could, but I spent every free moment I had in the Art Room. Little did I know this was going to set a precedent that continued right through my higher education and even into today.

Wendy Chadbourne with a canine skeleton

Do what you love, love what you do.

My curiosity and love of science are what drives my creativity. One example is a boxfish cast I found while beach-combing on Tigertail Beach on Marco Island in Florida. After I finished researching what it was I had found and the purpose of the unique shape of this structure, the cast became a subject for a carbon dust study. Another example came from studying an x-ray of one of my horses which made me want to learn more about their unique anatomy and morphed into an informational piece for veterinarians. My pursuit has led me to some interesting individuals, each with their own special skills and knowledge, and I encourage you that if there is something you want to learn about, seek out those who can teach you.

Wendy Chadbourne

Education, Certifications, and Associations

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