Medical illustration of the crosssection of a kidney from gross structure to microanatomy.

Journal Illustration Services and Samples

Why choose our journal illustration services?

Writing an article for a peer reviewed journal is a big achievement. Think about your audience…would your article be more visually stimulating with something more than charts and graphs, grainy CT scans, unclear photographs and lines of numbers? Worried about your audience falling asleep instead of reading? Here are just a few things our journal illustration services can do for your articles:

  • Translate complex written information into a visual form.
  • Be educational and content rich, not just a pretty picture.
  • Help you stand out in your field.

We enjoy the challenges of taking on new material, reading through your article, and figuring out the best way to visually complement what you are communicating in your article. If you already know what you want for an illustration and can’t draw more than a stick figure yourself, send that to us and let us bring your ideas to fruition.

Some of our images which have been published