Medical illustration of the crosssection of a kidney from gross structure to microanatomy.

Patient Education Illustration Services and Samples

Why choose our patient education illustration services?

It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor communicating with a patient or a veterinarian communicating with a client, discussing topics of a medical nature can be difficult. Here are just a few things our patient education illustration services can do for you:

  • Explain a procedure at a level your audience can understand.
  • Support written materials that accompany illustrations.
  • Help your patient or client make an informed decision.

It is helpful to have visual aides to refer to, especially when trying to explain something that cannot actually be seen, but must be understood to make an informed decision. Whether you need illustrations for pamphlets, posters, postcards or websites, we can help create whatever it is that will enhance the quality of care that you give to your patients.

Samples of some of our patient education illustrations: