Medical illustration of the crosssection of a kidney from gross structure to microanatomy.

Testimonials from our happy clients

Our clients are what make Inky Mouse Studios artwork so diverse and interesting. Without our clients, well, we would just be quietly illustrating in the studio. Our clients bring us their projects, ideas, challenges, visions and plans. We take all of that information, and create a visual interpretation of what is needed. We embrace the challenges and the new information we need to understand as new illustrations are conceptualized and created. Here are some of our client testimonials – so you can see just how varied, and how happy, our clients really are.

Regulation of Dedifferentiation of Schwann Cell in Axonal Regeneration

Thank you very much for all your work. I really like the illustration, it is both captivating and scientifically accurate at the same time. It was very nice working with you.

Dr. Nikolaos Tapinos MD, PhD Director of Neurosurgery Research Geisinger Clinic March 8, 2015

Feline skeletal diagram for Metron software

Inky Mouse Studios has been responsive to our requests and has done a great job — and done it on time. They are up to unusual challenges, and are great to work with!

John Craig Epona Tech, LLC, Metron Imaging March 26, 2015

Lateral view of equine superficial musculature anatomy

I am extremely happy with these illustrations, which will help my students immensely, and keep Equestricare looking professional. Wendy is very easy to work with and really knows what she’s doing. Her attention to detail is second to none and her work is beautiful. I will be contacting her again next time I need veterinary illustrations.

Jessica Blackwell, BSc, EBW, Dip HBM, MFR, ERLT, Cert Herb Med Director of Equestricare "Equine Sports Therapy" March 26, 2015

Canine Syringomyelia in King Charles Spaniel

Your picture has been a stunningly beautiful and very useful addition to my consulting room. Normally when trying to explain Chiari malformation and syringomyelia I try to draw on a white board. However because the anatomy is so complex, it is difficult for my clients to visualise what is happening in their dogs. Your picture clearly and accurately depicts what I am trying to say and presents it in a real and non-threatening way for them. Thank you so much!

Dr. Clare Rusbridge BVMS PhD DipECVN MRCVS RCVS European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology March 26, 2015 is delighted to add Inky Mouse Studios’ magnificient illustration of a Cavalier head showing Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia to our syringomyelia (SM) webpage. No MRI scans can depict these disorders in as clear and easy to understand manner as this one. It is a terrific drawing and the best I have seen of this subject.

Rod Russell Webmaster of July 20, 2015

Eukaryotic cell anatomy and protein synthesis

Your translation of my ideas was a miracle! From napkin drawing idea to beautiful scientific schematics in record time! I have used other medical media illustrators and the difference was night and day – Inky Mouse Studios was better, faster, much easier to communicate with and the end product was much nicer. I am a lifelong customer now!

Joe Lewis President and CEO Pharma Management Corporation June 8, 2013

Fibromuscular dysplasia artery cross sections

I discovered Inky Mouse Studio’s medical illustration of fibromuscular dysplasia while researching the rare vascular disease for my international support group, FMD Chat. The illustration was the first that I had seen showing the disease’s effects within the artery wall, making it a wonderful teaching tool for patients and medical professionals. Representations of FMD typically only feature the exterior of the artery or are angiogram images, which fail to truly explain the disease’s constrictive nature. Inky Mouse Studios’ illustration clearly shows the overgrowth of cells within the artery wall and the bulging aneurysms that characterize the disease’s primary form and classic “string of beads” appearance. FMD Chat is fortunate to benefit from Inky Mouse Studio’s support for FMD Awareness Day, observed on July 23, 2012. Inky Mouse Studio permitted FMD Chat to make use of the Understanding Fibromuscular Dysplasia image to show the world what FMD looks like. It is our hope that after having viewed Inky Mouse Studio’s illustration of FMD that more people will be aware of the rare disease’s existence thus helping patients successfully achieve diagnosis.

Sara Kucharski Author FMD Chat Blog July 20, 2015