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Dedifferentiation of schwann cell illustration

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2D cellular anatomy with MAPK G protein

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Feline skeletal system Illustration

Providing Creative Communication Solutions

Inky Mouse Studios sets itself apart by creating illustrations that are as unique as they are educational. We specialize in creating quality educational communication solutions, utilizing highly adaptive styles, for veterinary, medical and scientific professionals. Our illustrations are by definition not just art, they are an application of art to educate and communicate with a wide ranging audience about topics that can either be too complicated for a written explanation, or too boring to inspire learning.

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Some of Our Recent Projects

Here are some of our more recent, interesting or noteworthy projects.

Mouse Anatomy Map Highlighted

Complete mouse anatomy map with all body systems highlighted.


This illustration series was created for PerkinElmer to utilize in an eBook to help organize a rather cumbersome list of reagents with their targeted organ systems.

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Tumor Microenvironment Immune Exclusion Pathway

Illustration of the tumor microenvironment showing the exclusion of the immune system cells by the tumor.


This illustration series was created for PerkinElmer to draw attention to their quantitative pathology solutions, this was a unique way to render a familiar subject in a completely different manner. The utilization of 3D elements adds to the illusion.

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Silver linings, MIT article on social isolation

Mock up of a Cell journal cover I created in an attempt to conquer new territory. 


A cleverly camouflaged human form hidden in the dendrites of a lonely neuron is the focus of this cover illustration. It was created to submit with a research article in an attempt to make the cover and gain attention for the article inside the journal.

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Online Store

Our new online store is now open for business! We currently have a selection of educational anatomical posters available, and will be adding some other interesting items in the future.

Stock Illustrations

Our continually expanding collection of stock illustrations is just as varied as our clientele. Search through our collection to see if we have what you need. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.