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Inky Mouse Studios sets itself apart by creating illustrations that are as unique as they are educational. We specialize in creating quality educational communication solutions, utilizing highly adaptive styles, for veterinary, medical and scientific professionals. Our illustrations are by definition not just art, they are an application of art to educate and communicate with a wide ranging audience about topics that can either be too complicated for a written explanation, or too boring to inspire learning.

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Some of Our Recent Projects

Here are some of our more recent, interesting or noteworthy projects.

Illustration of the Dorsopalmar View Arterial Circumflex Vessels

Illustration of the dorsopalmar view of the arterial circumflex vessels.


Created to accompany clinical venograms and other visuals published in a journal article written by one of our clients. The purpose of this illustration is to help clarify very complex anatomy by breaking it into two distinct vasculature systems.

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2D Cellular Anatomy With GPCR signaling to MAPK

Scientific illustration of cellular anatomy featuring GPCR signaling to MAPK pathway.


Created for Cisbio for use in their marketing strategy during the 2015 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Conference in Washington, DC.

The purpose of this illustration was to draw visual attention to Cisbio in a busy Conference environment while utilizing some of the corporate colors within the illustration and to highlight GPCR signaling and MAPK pathway within the anatomy of a cell.

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Custom scientific illustration for Priori Skincare Company explaining the effects of alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids to combat the signs of aging skin.

Illustration of how alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids combat signs of aging skin.


A series of three different illustrations created for Priori Skincare Company to provide visual marketing support for their skincare products.

The purpose of this illustration was to show the cellular effects of different skincare products as they relate to combating the effects of age on the surface appearance of the skin. These illustrations were also included in an article published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, April 2014, Volume 13, Issue 4.

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Regulation of Dedifferentiation of Schwann Cell in Axonal Regeneration

LcK pathway and the regulation of dedifferentiation of the Schwann cell in axonal regeneration.


Created for Dr. Nikolaos Tapinos, MD, PhD, Director of Neurosurgery Research at the Geisinger Clinic to accompany his research grant.

The purpose of this illustration was to accompany the grant paperwork for the research to be performed and clearly display the LcK pathway which was the primary focus for the research paper. The illustration challenge was to explain the environment where the LcK pathway occurs, and the structures involved, while simplifying a complex biological process into one illustration.

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