Understanding Fibromuscular Dysplasia Patient Education

Patient education poster for recently diagnosed fibromuscular dysplasia patients.


Pen & Ink, Adobe Photoshop

General Public

Print and online

Healthcare Professionals

“I discovered Inky Mouse Studio’s medical illustration of fibromuscular dysplasia while researching the rare vascular disease for my international support group, FMD Chat. The illustration was the first that I had seen showing the disease’s effects within the artery wall, making it a wonderful teaching tool for patients and medical professionals. It is our hope that after having viewed Inky Mouse Studio’s illustration of FMD that more people will be aware of the rare disease’s existence thus helping patients successfully achieve diagnosis.”

– from Sara Kucharski
author FMD Chat Blog


This series of medical illustrations are for fibromuscular dysplasia patient education, specifically the medial fibroplasia form. This rare vascular disease causes abnormal development of the cells within the arterial walls. This abnormal development of the arterial walls can result in stenosis of the lumen or cause aneurysms to develop, which can cause a wide array of symptoms.

  • Up to 75% of reported cases involve the renal arteries.
  • 25% of reported cases involve the internal carotid arteries.
  • Any artery within the body can be affected by FMD.
  • This disease is more prevalent in women than men.

Inky Mouse Studios is proud to partner with FMD Chat, which is now officially incorporated as a nonprofit within the state of North Carolina and they are awaiting their federal 501c3 approval. With a board of directors, a medical advisory board and patient advisory panel all in place, they have grown from just a blog/social media based entity to an organization poised to make some headway for rare disease research! FMD Chat Blog is one of many online blogs and social media sites that Sarah has founded on her quest to buck the normal routines in the health care system protocol. While her cause is to further research on fibromuscular dysplasia, we all stand to learn something from her when it comes to being an advocate for ourselves and our health. Please read more about Sarah’s cause, her perspective and enthusiasm are refreshing, and hopefully some of her ideas are inspiring.

Key Elements of image:

  • Internal carotid artery
  • Renal artery
  • Normal lumen of artery
  • Stenosis of lumen of artery
  • Aneurysm of artery wall
  • Endothelium of artery wall
  • Smooth muscle of artery wall
  • Internal elastic membrane of artery wall
  • External elastic membrane of artery wall
  • Tunica intima
  • Tunica media
  • Tunica adventitia