Equine Hock Joint Lateral View

equine hock lateral view greyscale
equine hock lateral view color



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This traditional carbondust study of the equine hock lateral view was created during the creation of my masters thesis project where I was studying type 1 and type 2 equine osteoarthritis and how it affects the joints of the horse. To complete the study of this complex joint there are also illustrations of the medial view, anterior view and oblique posterior view.

This illustration has been adapted into a digital color version for certain applications, such as magazine publications, in which more natural bone coloration was preferred over the original greyscale version. Both versions can be viewed on the slider on this page.

Key Elements of equine hock lateral view:

  • Tibia bone
  • Talus bone
  • Calcaneous bone
  • Central tarsal bone
  • Third tarsal bone
  • Fourth tarsal bone
  • Third metatarsal bone
  • Fourth metatarsal bone